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Parking brake and gear switches (TCA addon)

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Hey, really happy to see that the flaps and the spoilers now work on an axis so that they're compatible with the TCA addon levers and I'm sure many other peripherals. But I'm wondering if it's possible to make the Parking Brake and gear switch on the TCA addon work as well? They seem to function as a single button that is being pressed, which makes them flicker a lot in-game when activated as seen in the video below. 



It would be amazing if a solution for this was added to the CRJ at some point, as I'm sure a lot of people want to use the TCA quadrant set for the CRJ given how similar they are in design

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Dear Sir,



Currently the gear and brake require a momentary push button as both work as toggle while the TCA

only has a single way ON/OFF switch for these functions.

We will inform the developpers. Hopefully we could see some change in a future update.


Thank you.

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If you are willing to use (paid) 3rd party applications, you can make it work with several of them, e.g. AxisAndOhs, FSUIPC7, or spad.next. These allow you to define different functions on key-down and key-up events.

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