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That's amazing! Soooo ... will there be contests here where the winner will get a chance to become an animated APC in the next Aerosoft scenery? :) If so, I'm in! 

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Mathijs that is close to a breakthrough! But the faces are all identical. Is there hope of a wider diversity of their faces? or is it just a coincidence that so many twins are at the same place at the same time? xD

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
31 minutes ago, Andreas Flock said:

Wie kann ich den Flight-Simulator löschen? Ich habe mit dem PC Probleme .Danke für eine Antwort

Please do not hijack a topic with a totally unrelated question.

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1 hour ago, A320pilot23 said:

Are there plans to „upgrade“ existing sceneries with this feature or only upcoming projects?


Partly yes.

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