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Avionics Online CRJ review (French)

Mathijs Kok

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"After several flights, we can't get enough of finally using a complete and advanced add-on for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator game: a graphically flawless aircraft, both inside and out, that benefits from recent 3D technologies that provide a truly intense immersion. As for the systems, despite a few minor bugs that do not directly impact the flight, it is also a success on the part of the developers who have studied and worked for several years on a large number of manufacturers' and operators' documents in order to get as close as possible to reality despite the complexity of certain systems specific to the CRJ (for example, the automatic release of spoilers refers to an extremely complex algorithm, yet perfectly reproduced on this addon). As for the small bugs still present, we specify once again that we have tested version, that a lot of feedback from users has been reported to the Aerosoft developers, and this addon will continue to improve thanks to regular updates that will come very soon. Where we could have hoped for a little more immersion is in the addon's soundscape, which is certainly convincing, but which could be improved for even more optimal realism. No doubt that most of the remarks have been taken into account by the developers to improve these different points in the coming weeks and months, in order to get closer to an addon always more realistic and ambitious!"




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