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Autopilot loses its mind on majority of flights

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Situation is typically just in straight and level flight, on course somewhere in the enroute portion of flight plan (so nothing is going on, just flying A to B, no climbing or descending. AP is in NAV and ALT, then suddenly warning tones go off and plane is spiraling out of control into the ground. This doesn't happen every time, but it happens fairly often, after which even hitting AP disconnect leaves the aircraft in some kind of permanently trimmed state where even with full opposite trim you're still fighting it.


Yes flight model is modern...I don't know why this even get's asked so much, modern is the default MSFS model, do people actually change that?


I'm on the latest build, I turn on AP using the controls in the 3d cockpit, not using any external hardware yet. I don't know if there is any trigger for this, I just know that I'm not the only one that has the AP going berserk at some random point in a flight which typically ends the flight unless you're on approach and then sometimes I will hand fly it, fighting the control loader just to finish the flight and not have it be a disappointment.


I'm open to things to try, but literally when this happens, I'm not touching any control, the CRJ is just in AP plodding along at cruise.

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just had the situation were the aircraft lost its mind, too.

This one on a WRB departure out of EDDV Hannover.  Takeoff went fine, flown by hand,  switched to Speed and NAV (white needles, FMS),  AP on.

At a point of the SID, on a straight segment, the aircraft suddenly wiered away from its path and almost went into a right hand nose dive.

AP was disabled immediatly and airplane straightend out by the handsome pilot (me ;-).

For a couple of minutes i was not able to get the aircraft back on path, either in Heading /ALT level, nor in NAV.

Recycling the AP / FD whatsoever didn't help. Flew the aircraft manual for a while ....

Finally the aircraft calmed down 😉  and shes now back on track to Palma.

ATM shes not able to climb to its cruise level of FL350 , almost stuck at FL300, CLMB 240 !!!,  FMS1,  ALTS, vertival speed of about 100ft a min  in CLIMB throttle detent....




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Had this problem too climbing around FL370 all was going well (AP on, nav and speed mode set to 250). Suddenly the plane started losing power (was in climb detent) and pitching up. Had to disconnect AP. Leveled out and set the alt to my current alt. Turned on AP and it just kept pitching up. First time I’ve seen this (second flight since patch). Had to fly the rest of the flight manually. 

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I just want to update this thread that I'm trying icing set to visual only, even though I do use deice in the past. I've done 2 or 3 successful flights so far, after a 2-3 more I will update again and recommend this be closed if I still don't see it again. 

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