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Error when trying to complete installation of EDDB

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I have downloaded the MegaAirport for EDDB and in trying to install for P3dV5, I get an error at the end of the installation saying "P3D v4 Install Path could not be found in the registry". This pops up when at the end of installation, the configurator launches. (Version When installation starts, the install path is correct. I'm running in administrator mode also. I then tried launching the P3Dv5 ORBX patch but that wont run since it doesnt see the base install of EDDB. Any ideas on how to fix?


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When you what to install the addon for P3DV5, you need to use the correct Installer for V5. Check the downloads in your shop account, there you will find the correct Installer (2.0.x.0).

After install, check for Updates via Asupdater.


The V4 Installer you try here, is not compatible for V5.

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