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Hello together. First of all, I am very happy with the CRJ (even though I have the press "set payload" twice bug) and for me aerosoft did a good job.

What bothers me is how the support is handled here. Please note, this post is meant as constructive critic and I hope it is seen as that. 


As a silent reader of the CRJ preview thread, I know how big the excitement and expactations were for this new aircraft. And therefor its very understandable, that it can be very frustrating for customers, when now things, for whatever reason, just dont work as expected.

When I read now, that new topics like "Don't post list!" (yes exclamation mark) are opened, I think that this is not the right way to go. The customers are not paid for organizing this forum, they just want help and adress their problems with not much effort. Completely understandable.

Why posting lists is such a bad thing? I can understand that this means work for organizing, but well, thats what you get paid for. You can even organize it in a way that suits you best and maybe get even more benefits from it. Why not answering somethink like: "We are sorry to hear that you have problems. Lets investigate your problems together and hopefully we will find a solution as fast as possible. Lets stay in close contact and we will put your issues to the right place." A right place could possibly be a read only section where you provide information for issues that you collected. "New", "Under investigation" and "Solved" could be possible official sections for issues. In the end the customer somehow bought support too.


Even though your experience maybe tells you, that often problems come from the user and not the product, I think its something which has to be verified first (unless its really clear). I can understand when some people here are not very happy, when the solution is, hey you did something wrong. How do you know? Maybe they did everything correct and theres really a problem. What I mean is, be a bit more patient, actively involve the customer in the process of finding a solution or the reason why its not working.


The "its a Asobo" thing. In my opinion its very understandable that people have problems with this statement, because, as far as I read, there are things that other aircraft can do, but the CRJ not. If I remember rigth, you mentioned that some things were related to the programming langue. But I think the critical information is still missing, as you could have used the same technology as the others. Well its just a bit difficult to comprehent and a bit more info would be nice.


Finally, the FAQ. Please put it on the shop page. That is where it belongs. People have to know about these things prior to buying the product and be aware of things, for example, the ILS problem, even if its an Asobo issue.



Please, I dont want to tell you how to do your job and the described things did not directly happen to me. I just picked them up here in the forum and somehow needed to adress them.


I will go and fly the CRJ now. :)

Have a nice weekend!

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