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A319 not loading correctly

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Hey guys,


Since the new Update I have a problem with loading the aircaft into the sim. But it is only with the A319 with IAE engines.

Can anyone tell me how to fix that ?


Kind regards Luca 



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I'm glad to see that the problem is already known. I noticed it in my sim only yesterday. I'll cross my fingers that you and your colleagues find a fix soon, @masterhawk. Until then, I might revert to version which is the latest installer available for my P3Dv4. I re-installed it this morning and the problem with the A319 with IAE engines vanished.


By the way, after updating from to this morning via the Aerosoft Updater, not only the loading problem re-appeared, but P3D also couldn't find the ASC_PF_OnAuto.wav file anymore. @IBE1133 mentioned that problem also here. So it would be great if you and your colleagues could look into that problem for the next update, too. Thank you!

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On 3/25/2021 at 3:27 AM, Hanse said:

What "Aircraft State" you used and which one is set to DEF in the MCDU3?


Hanse greetings, the problem is present in any "Aircraft State" I tested: Cold Dark, Turn Around and Taxi State as DEF and not DEF.


I noticed the .wav error too.


This on P3Dv4.5.14.34698, Windows 10 Pro and I don't own Aerosoft A330 Professional. It's a shame that with the last update I'm unable to fly in a proper way this plane from my country airline.



Appereciate the attention and help. Hope we can see this solved soon.




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53 minutes ago, Samaritano said:

Can anybody tell me which version of the A319-A320 works? Just want to fly this bird while waiting for the update.

25. March I posted in this topic:

All A319IAE are affected.


So the rest will work without problems.

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