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Sterile Cockpit During high workload communication should be kept to a minimum necessary to operate the Airbus safely. Such situations are taxi, takeoff, climb out, approach and landing. This not only includes communication, but also entering data into t

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SOS ... FCU buttons do not work 


SOS ... the FCU buttons do not work .... ( p3d v4.5) AIRBUS A 318_319.

I have watched your tutorials (very interesting), but despite all this,
 I can't program an unmanaged ALT, an unmanaged VS, and speed, 
  same problem in the FCU.

E.g. if I "pull" the ALT button with the mouse click D and the wheel to select my altitude;
the button remains obstinately not in "pulled position".
the altitude is still blocked at 5000 fts
After several manipulations of re-installations nothing happens.
I have no idea how to solve this problem, can you give me an idea ? a track ? .......... Sincerely to all the team P Valot 

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