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Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant and the Aerosoft MSFS CRJ


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(Altitude)    While turning  the altitude knob on the Bravo quadrant, the altitude is not changing  the altitude in the PFD display.


(NAV and HDG)  I load a flight plan in the CDU. Take off and gain altitude, set Auto Pilot on, select NAV, and the NAV turns off and goes to HDG.  I turn HDG off again,  go back to NAV and it goes back to HDG. NAV mode is set to FMS1. Seems like the Honeycomb Quadrant is not in sink with the glare shield panel.


Also there always has been problems with the CDU and entering flight plans. I enter a flight plan with SIDs and Stars and end up with waypoints missing or in the wrong location. With the NEW MFSF CRJ, if I make a mistake entering, I try to CLR it and nothing happens. If I try and use DELETE again nothing, BUT what is happening is that the DELETE shows in the scratch pad, and It stays there. Then I can't clear the scratch pad because DELETE is always there. If I try and enter new data, it shows up after the DELETE. ie DELETE KIAD.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank You


CRJ CDU scratch pad.png

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Yes I get the same for your first problem.  I suspect Aerosoft or Honeycomb will need to add a patch to fix the AP issue.

Re the second problem, if you are getting a 'hand' for the cursor, over the CLR button, that's likelt the spoiler interfering.  Move the spoiler out of the way.  To get the arrow back, I often click on delete, then clear, then delete again.  That has worked for me at least. 

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