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A333 Left MCDU Bug

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Maybe I'm not the first to notice this, but I couldn't find anything with the search.

When you uses the scratchpad numbers on the left MCDU in the A330 the number 7 is missing.

Instead you get the 6 again.

On the right MCDU this works as it should.

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vor 15 Stunden , mopperle sagte:

So clicking on "7" gives you "6"?

Yes. And clicking on 6 sometimes gives me nothing.

That goes only for the left MCDU, but the issue is there both in the VC clickspot  and the 2D popout.


I noticed this because I wanted to have a range ring of 117 NM around a fix, and after typing it in I got 116. I first thought I had misclicked and then saw that the MCDU would simply not want to give me the number 7, no matter how often I typed it in. 


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Sorry, can not replicate this, see attached video. No matter where/on which page I input something, clicking on 7 gives me a 7.

If that would be a bug, for sure many other people would have reported this.

Are you using any tool, or do you have a "special" setup in your environment, which is not normal.

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On 22.3.2021 at 21:30, mopperle sagte:

Do you see this behaviour on each page, like on INIT A when you try to enter e.g. FL270 or flightnumber AB767?



Yes I did see it on every page. But I just got around to trying it again, this time without PRO-ATC running in the background, and everything is fine.

I'll have to check at a later time with PRO-ATC again if I can reproduce the issue.

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