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Hi everyone.


I have a problem with my shadows in the cockpit of the CRJ, something that doesn't happen with other planes. I'm not sure if it's the sim that's causing it or the plane, but hopefully somebody can help me out.

The shadows look very weird, and are flickering all over the place (not visible in the picture though). 

Anybody has a clue? It happens regardless of my graphics settings.


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  • Aerosoft



This must have to do with a corrupt installation in my eyes. We have your two cases of faulty shadows and the huge rest of product instances works flawless. We also never witnessed such an issue during production. So its hard to reproduce the cause at all here.

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I understand, Stefan - Marco, if you're looking still, did you install from MS store?


I'll report back if I have any issues again. My issue looked EXACTLY like Marco's and didn't occur until 4 days after install. Very strange.

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