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I made a toggleable thrust reversers workaround plugin for Joystick Gremlin, for my TM Warthog!

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SO! Missing my toggled thrust reversers I took it upon myself to write a plugin for Joystick gremlin.

Just add it to your plugins, select the physical axis and button on the right, as well as the vJoy axis.
Add a second instance of the plugin for the other engine, set the axes there as well...



Then, in MSFS bind your vJoy device axes to Engine 1 and 2 throttle, like you would normally, and finally in the CRJ, turn on the hardware reverser axis and set your positions.


In essence, what this script does, is take your throttle inputs, which go from -1 to +1, and split them into two ranges, -1 to 0 and 0 to +1.
Normally, the warthog sits at -1 in idle, which now becomes 0. Full forward throttle (+1) is still MAX POWER, but full forward throttle with the joystick key pressed down now becomes -1, or full reversers.
I'm sure this can be done in the CRJ's code itself, since its just some simple arithmetic, switched by a joystick key input, but until then - hope this helps! ;)  


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