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Weights from EFB to sim?

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I have read some threads about takeoff without input and problem to gain altitude.


I have had now the first flight I experienced such problems, and before this flight I played around the first time with payload in the EFB.

What irritates me, is that when I use the ZFW option in the EFB the green dot does only move when I change fuel. And switching from Payload per PAX to ZFW loading, there are completely different values then.

I would expect, that when I set some weights with PAX and I change to ZFW that there are then the same values?!


However, beside this, I can't see any change in the MSFS weight window, when I send the values from the EFB to the sim! It is always the same ZFW of 20.412 kg, doesn't matter which values I'd like to send from EFB to sim, nothing changes.



In the end, I think there's sth. broken and does lead to these takeoff and climb problems probably?


thx for support!

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vor 2 Stunden , GEK_the_Reaper sagte:

Please don't load Pax and Payload from the sim itself. Use only the EFB for that! The sim distributes the Payload in another way then the EFB.


As I wrote above - but I make it clear again - I never loaded weight from sim.

I only changed my weight in the EFB and wanted to send it to sim and aircraft.

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