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Home Cockpit contest

Mathijs Kok

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Our „Home Cockpit Contest 2021” is starting now! From today on until 30 April 2021, you can submit a photo of your home cockpit to us. Everything on the topic of home cockpits is allowed. We are curious to see the treasures you have got at home and how you installed the hardware...
There are two prize categories: the winner of the most realistic and the winner of the most creative home cockpit will receive a 500,- EUR Aerosoft voucher each.
If you are interested in the contest, please have a look at our website for further information (conditions of participation, rules): https://www.aerosoft.com/en/home-cockpit-contest-en
Good luck!


Ab sofort startet unser „Home-Cockpit Contest 2021“. Ihr könnt von nun an bis zum 30. April 2021 ein Foto von eurem Home-Cockpit bei uns einreichen. Hier ist alles erlaubt, was mit dem Thema Home-Cockpit zu tun hat. Wir sind gespannt welche Schätze bei zuhause stehen und wie ihr die Hardware eingebaut habt…
Es gibt 2 Gewinnkategorien: Den Gewinner des realistischsten und des kreativsten Home-Cockpits erwartet je einen 500,- EUR Aerosoft-Gutschein. 
Falls ihr Interesse habt, findet ihr alle nötigen Informationen (Teilnahmebedingungen; Regeln) auf unsere Website: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/home-cockpit-contest
Viel Erfolg!

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This definitely goes under the "creative" catagory as it's on a budget. I don't really have a propper desk space hence why my keyboard and mouse is in a home made drawer without a front and back wall. As a result of that I can't clamp down my yoke, however my monitor has to go ontop of the yoke either way to fit, so essencially my monitor is a pretty big and pretty expensive paper Wright / yoke clamp. It actually does a pretty decent Job of camping it down.


My throttle quadrant is just fastened with the clamps that came with it as it doesn't need to be directly above my desk expansion/drawer thing... 


Adotionally (not pictured) I have my Thrustmaster T flight rudder pedals. I decided against gluing the velcro to my floor (as this is a temporary setup) so my pedals are just leaned against the walk which is adecuate for normal operations but not sudden large yaw inputs. 


(Sorry for the glare in the picture, there's a better on in my actual subission but I didn't bother turning my monitor of in this one.) 


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Just now, Tom A320 said:

Don't miss this, if you want to take part in this contest:



Yeah, I read that as well. Thought I might want to share the story here too, I also saw the picture above and assumed it was ok. I appologice if you'd rather keep this thread free of pictures and long posts.

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On 3/14/2021 at 11:37 AM, Mathijs Kok said:

I'll probably loose




Why Is my Bravo sitting on YOUR shelf? Get it back in its box and get it posted to me. I've been waiting long enough 😛😉


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  • Aerosoft

A cockpit I built centuries ago with idea of renting hours.... Never occured.
Still in my cellar.
Completely self made.
Three short trow beamers and Fresnel Lenses on the three windows. FOV 180°
Wooden shell.
One computer only - Runs on FSX due to low budget PC. 
Incredible depth perception but image a bit blurry due to the low res beamers and terrible computer.


All dual controls, throttle vernier and mixture lever are mechanically home made.
Elevator trim (between the seats) is mechanical and physically move the stick for a zero-force feel.
The controls potentiometers and instruments panel switches are connected to a Leobodnar BU0836 X board. 
Second hand VRinsight Instrument Radiostack
Instrument panel is made of a display on wich the simulator instrument panel is undocked and dragged.
In front of it, a metal plate with opening and encoders connected to the LeoBodnar board to set the corresponding instruments.
Second hand car seats.



Distortion is only apparent due to the Fresnel lesnses.
When seated, the image appears perfectly continuous.
Only drowback, pilot and copilot don't have exacly the same view.





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Not gonna enter the contest but I had an MD80 project a few years back. But it's pretty much dead now. With the rest parts laying in a storage box. I had several original instruments (unmodified) running with P3D.





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In combination with Aviaworx and Airmanager my pit can switch really easy between different setups: Because of all the touchscreens! Overhead Ipad etc. (MIP annuciator) lights are working for PMDG 737) Landing gear lever works with everything


All FMC and overhead work via touchscreen on PMDG 737 / 747 FsLabs / Aerosoft CRJ etc.




Navigraph Charts as EFB on second IPAD






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