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"Ground Spoilers arm" modification for TCA Quadrant Add-on

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Hello all,


New modification for TCA Quadrant Add-on spoiler lever can be found at shapeways.com:

"Ground Spoilers arm" mod for TCA Quadrant Add-on (9VE4XATWF) by hotbso (shapeways.com)


I have not received my order yet, but it seems to be another enhancement to the TM Airbus series. 

I belive it required full FSIUPC version to work with P3D and AS Airbus Professional family.

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1 hour ago, masterhawk said:

I also ordered this item.
The THR Lever mod is really great:


I am currently using a modification found on MSFS forum Thrustmaster TCA throttle Quadrant Detent - 3d Printing - Self-Service / Peripherals - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

This is great stuff, but looking forward to recieve my new order tomorrow - with reverse idle function added and maybe even some more resistance on CL and FL/MCT detent..

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