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Hans Hartmann

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It's time for a new CRJ Pro update. Version, also known as Service Pack 2, has just been released. You need to download a new installer for it (too many changed files), so please check your shop account.


Here's a list of changes (completeness not guaranteed we were working on two platforms at the same time):
Note: This represents the change log of the whole development process including issues that
were fixed after the introduction of new features.

- Fixed FPLN page Flt No entry
- Fixed GPWS mode 4A conditions
- Fixed DIR INTC line on MFD
- Fixed ice detection and test
- Changed DC Service switch to OFF for all states
/I19L approach)
- Added RWY UPDATE function to FMS
- Added cabin oxy masks manual release
- Extended entry for FL/TRANS on DEFAULTS page 2/4 to allow all combinations of FL and/or ALT
- IDG Reconnect now resets the IDG pushbutton position
- Glideslope diamond changed to blue if nav source is an FMS
- Removed Lufthansa limitation for FLT NO on 3L / 5R selection
- Fuel Pump Logic fixed
- Added multiple chimes on startup in P3D
- Fixed triple chime sound not playing
- Fixed GLD manual mode conditions
- Change (VECT) from HdgToMan to FixToMan
- Removed duplicate discontinuities
- Fixed MFD data extra fuel calculation
- Added (VECT) and disco when selecting VECTORS approach transition
- Fixed calibration window value display for throttle axis #2
- Improved mode switching from ALT/ALTS to VS/SPEED/VNAV modes
- Fixed flaps settings condition for TO/GA mode in MSFS
- No TCAS announcements right after takeoff
- VNAV profile calculation improved
- CLB/DES/IAS Hold improved
- DELETE now properly deletes FLT ID on FMS RADIO page
- DELETE now deletes ETD on FMS PERF INIT page 3/3
- Fixed distance, fuel and time calculation for new ALTN fpln
- FPLN page automatically switches to page 2 after entering a waypoint with LSK4R
- DISCOs can now be deleted with the DEL key
- Added a button to EFB Performance page which allows to re-initialize the calculation with current aircraft weights
- ADG propeller animation improved
- Fixed BTU not really off when selected OFF
- Fixed a condition where an (INTC) leg at the beginning of a procedure segment could result in a CTD
- Fixed a display problem for Crs to Fix legs on LEGS page
- Fixed an issue where VNAV would cut off after changing the flightplan
- Fixed a bug which caused auto trim to correct after takeoff for flaps settings made before takeoff
- ALTN airport is no longer automatically added to ALTN FPLN
- Flightplan files now contain waypoints for the alternate flightplan
- Fixed PFD low speed cue
- FMS Control no longer shows SELECT SYNC MASTER
- RTU now shows squawk code as default
- PACK FAULT no longer shows when bleed valves are set to closed
- Fixed DISCONTINUITY text color from green to white
- Fixed missing RW before runway ID on departure page
- Fixed fuel boost pump switches reset to OFF after cold&dark
- Reduced blinking speed of master warning and master caution lights
- Pack OFF Lights fixed to now only light when a) pressed in and b) no bleed air available and c) engines not starting
- Fixed a CTD in flight plan sequencing
- Removed L/R PACK FAULT EICAS messages when packs are off
- Fixed TO/TO conditions and PFD messages/flags
- Fixed entering first leg on FPLN page when ALTN airport is selected
- Fixed editing of ALTN LEGS page
- Fixed fuel, time and distance calculations for ALTN fpln
- PERF INIT ETA calculation now uses ETD on ground, if entered (current time, if not entered or airborne)
- Step button now pages through EICAS 2 pages
- GLD spoiler efficiency fixed
- APU startup condition from "Turnaround" and "Ready for Engine Start" states fixed
- Fixed CTD caused by flightplan drawing function
- PFD Throttle hint now also shows REV
- GLD manual mode implemented
- GLD doesn't retract anymore when reverse thrust is set
- EFB Brightness re-enabled
- Enabled Stall Test while airborne (without stick pusher)
- Assigned TAIL WHEEL LOCK shortcut to Stab Disconnect (Shift+G)
- Finally fixed that stupid nose gear light for good! (Note that I didn't use the F-word here!)
- Increased the acceleration for all FCP knobs
- FA "Takeoff Abort" annunciation inhibitted below 45 kts ground speed
- Added Flight ID to FMS RADIO PAGE 2/2
- Incorrect distance calculation on (INTC) legs
- Added multiple-chime sound battery connect
- Fixed oxygen mask tests overwriting each other
- Refuel/Defuel Panel now fully operational
- Text size fixed on EFB Options page 3
- Parking Brake fixed
- Fuel temperature change fixed and rate increased
- FMS Arrival page headers
- FMS Departure page headers
- Oxy mask test knob press causes blinker to blink too now (for SOP compliance)
- FMS DIR INTC text colors
- Approach sort order on DEP/ARR page
- NWS no longer armed in Turnaround state
- IRS alignment fixed
- Several changes to ALTN LEGS page
- Mode S transponder indications for RTU
- Fixed POS INIT page 3 showing invalid coordinates if IRS is not aligned
- FMS Radio page now accepts NAV frequency input without "."
- Added invalid TOGA symbology to PFD
- LSK2R on FPLN page now puts ALTN airport into empty scratchpad
- Fixed adding FLT NO to scratchpad
- Oxygen now depletes on oxygen mask test. Button to refill crew oxygen added to EFB maintenance page
- Crew oxygen supply is saved to registration-related configuration file
- Initial FMS page changed to STATUS
- Remaining IRS align time displayed on POS INIT page 3/3
- Added INTC CRS to MOD LEGS page
- Origin/Destination selection now properly clears selected SID/STAR/Appr etc.
- Approach and transition sequencing
- MFD window now shows the same fuel prediction as PERF INIT page 3
- Added ETE and ETA predictions on ground on PERF INIT page 3
- Implementation of LEGS ALTN page
- Added COM frequency entry without "." on FMS Radio page
- Added FMS CTL page SYNC/INDEP switching. Note that this is a dummy and doesn't have influence the FMSes behavior
- Improved detection of passed ToD after flightplan change
- DIR INTC page switching to LEGS page after selection
- Navigraph DLLs updated
- Missing Fonts added

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