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Strange thing // trueglass and reallight


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Helloo all 🙂 ,


Very bizarre ... anyone have an idea?


I have Prepar3DV5. for everything I have all the latest updates as well as for my drivers and so on ...


This weekend I did a flight with the QW 787 and the Aerosoft Airbus A330. No problem.
Yesterday I did a flight with the Aerosoft A320 and after a short 30 minutes flight I got a CTD.
After this CTD I removed trueglass and reallight in the GAUGES as well as emptied the SHADERS folder.
In the folder of Aerosoft A320 I restarted these 2 installers. Afterwards I was able to fly for 5 hours without CTD in the Airbus A320.


Anyone have an idea ?
If I now fly back the QW787 or AEROSOFT I am afraid that I would have to go through this process again the next day.

I am curious about your tips.

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Yes. Real Light was removed from the A330, not the smaller buses, and Real Light had issues with P3Dv5 which were well known in the community and were resolved by LM and TFDi several weeks ago.  Reinstalling should have resolved this for you.


Best wishes!


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