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I love paying taxes, because they make me buy hardware...

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.... no seriously, my wife (she does money, I do cars), tol me I absolutely needed to buy some stuff to avoid me paying a sh*tload of taxes next year.  So I upgraded my computer, faster CPU, all boring stuff. But I also bought a new keyboard and a sound card (the 1980 called). And both are pretty amazing. So let me tell you about them.


I am seriously into audio so it was long overdue that I put a good sound card in my computer. The Sound Blaster AE-7 ticked all my boxes. It has a seriously good DAC (the thingy that makes digital signals to analog signals), has a very solid headphone output.  If you buy these things from the high-end audio companies you pay way more for the same chips.  Now these cards also remove work from the CPU to the onboard chips. I was not expecting a lot from that but I was surprised that when the things got hot, it indeed made a difference. On my default situation it got me 11% more FPS. Now that is not good value for money but if you got the best graphics card, 64 Gb of memory, this is still valid. And certainly on my headphones ( I am using a Beyerdynamic Amiron) the sound was absolutely better.  There was more dept in MSFS. 


I am also seriously into keyboards as I am 12 hours a day behind them. After 3 years my Aukey KM-G3 gave up (well at least the 'a' key did. I wanted a Cherry Red kind of feel and a full blown keyboard (we need that for sims) and ended up with a HyperX Alloy Elite 2. It does come very highly recommended online but as not often happens, I got to agree. That is the best keyboard I ever used. Feels very very solid, keys are just as I like them (but still too loud for my wife). 


Just saying.....



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