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Winter season LZIB

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Thank you, Roman.

I am aware of this. Almost before the release, I edited the winter in P3DV5 and did not put the edited seasonal scripts LUA in the directory with P3DV4.
I have already fixed this in P3DV4.
Also, now I have additionally edited the winter calendar. 

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If you switched from between seasons directly from the simulator during the game, changed the season from winter to spring or summer, then this may be the case.
If you boot from the menu before the flight, the seasons are displayed correctly.
I have already corrected this flaw. Please wait for updates.
I am working on them.

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Guys, until the update comes out, do not switch during the flight from winter to other seasons. From spring, during the flight, you can switch to summer, autumn, and vice versa.
But if you load from a flight in winter to summer, then winter continues :)
I can say that I have already fixed it. I know what the problem is.
Any time of the year can be selected from the menu before departure.

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It would be great if you you could think of compatibility to ORBX Europe. It has a more localized opinion about seasons than the bare p3dv5, e.g. no more snow from first of March on.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
I have already done so. Winter begins on December 1, ends on the last day of February, and spring on March 1.

When compiling the aerial, months be written into the configuration file. And for seasonal textures, creating a script, days of the year. I wrote down the days of the year incorrectly. This is the first mistake. There was also a second minor error, I also fixed it.

The seasons are good now.

I am working on updates every day. Besides the mistakes, I have added quite a lot of new things. I've already done most of the update work. 


So, in principle, there is not much left until the completion of the work.

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