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ETA for TCA Add-On?

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I do understand currents situation with TM TCA obviously.

But still I would love to hear any update/estimate/gossip even on when pre-orders may become reality :D


What's current version of truth?




I am patient, I can wait, but since checking the status is my morning routine for weeks I am hungry for any new news.




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  • Administrator

Hi there,

Two weeks ago we received a small delivery. Sadly, it was only enough to ship about 30% of our pre-orders.

Right now, we don´t have an ETA and we absolutely don´t know how many units we can expect with the next delivery.



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This is still better than nothing :D


Please expect me asking the very same question in a month from now.

Not that I blame you guys, this was communicated by you and expected by me when I pre-ordered.


Stay healthy,


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