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Región de Murcia Airport preview

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My local airport! Thank you! I was lucky enough to fly over it on an ultralight aircraft several times before it was open to public. I was about to take my first plane from it flight next month, but jut a couple of days ago I got an email from the airline saying it had been cancelled... I will be able to enjoy it in my simulator though. Thank you once again!

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This is great, thanks very much!


I already have a scenery for this airport (Fsxcenery) which does the job but that's all that can be said about it. Knowing Aerosoft, it'll be a masterpiece.


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On 26/2/2021 at 18:19, Mathijs Kok said:


En este momento solo estamos dispuestos a mostrar la versión P3D.

Hello, thank you for the great work of LEMI-MURCIA, is there a long way to go before its launch? It is an airport that I urgently need to buy

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