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Question 1 from an old newby : Why does AS Manager of the Data Flight Recorder doesn't fill up?

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I am an old guy who has stopped to understand things immediately. Inspite of that, I decided to practice Flight sim again , not only that, with a paying airplane (it's not about money, it's about to learn more on air air plane)s. My computer is i7, supposedly still  a good chipset, but my graphic card is only 2 Ga RAM  and my CPU 2.4Gz . Maybe that's why I have issues.

Question 1

-1)The data flight recorder doesn't record. Someone had this issue and was told on the forum to move a certain  file (from Documents/Aerosoft/AerosoftTwinOtterExtended/Flight Recorder), which was wrong,  to Documents\AerosoftFlightRecorder , and was happy with the result. I have  3 files there  now




The last one should be Ok?  Anywya it still doesn't work.


 This is a bit old stuff and a search on the web for this app gave nothing.  (it 's a different app thah  TOt Ext. in itself) Thank you so much for your time for now.

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  • Etienne Loyon changed the title to Question 1 from an old newby : Why does AS Manager of the Data Flight Recorder doesn't fill up?

Hi Otto,

Thank you, but I  in a forum that Aerosoft support did not have any more the means to answer questions about DFDR ; also I sent two tickets for another (by now solved) issues with the fuelplanner. In reply I received an orientation on Aerosoft Services, and indee  I found myself after some time the solution in a forum.

I think it's because this plane Twin Otter is not supported anymore. I am not anymore sure it was a good idea to buy it.


Maybe someone helpful will read our exchange and will be able to provide some  help, and in particular the missing file.

So, Thanks for your interest  and making it a bit lively. Ganz nett !


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Etienne, the problem is that FSX is totally outdated and only a small percentage of people is using it and even the support stuff is not using it on a daily basis. While there will be no more updates for the Twotter for FSX, of course you will get support. And the Twotter is even running under P3Dv4

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Are you sure of that? MFS20 was launched in 2020.08, which seems a short time for "everybody" to be converted today. Of course, the problem is you need a very serious computer for playing MFS20 smoothly and people basically needst spend at least 1500€. I am surely not documented enough for engaging a debate about it. What I know is I had some nice experience with my present gear, using MFSX included airplanes, and if I could have the same with TWOTTER, that's would be Ok for me for a while. By now an Aerosoft moderator is taking care of my situation and first I am going to see what he has to say (maybe mfsx install error).
Thanks the same for your kind attention! :)


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