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after full load and doors closed, the checklist doesn't help

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Hi. The checklist is on through the first part of loading the aircraft, and then I get a "aircraft is ready for pushback, captain", callout message to me.

But now, in a v5 aircraft, the aircraft says nothing. It used to start the next checklist, but nothing happens! Even if I get GSX to push the aircraft back, it's like Aerosoft's pushback doesn't work like it used to, nothing happens - the copilot no longer wants to talk to you.


Any help - please? Thanks, Gaz

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Is is correct that the Cockpit Preparation CL has been finished. Then normally a message on the INFOBAR (MCDU3 - OPTIONS - CHECKLISTS) appears what you have to do next like CLOSE DOORS etc. (this message is different and based on if you have enabled the GSX setting on the MCDU3 - GROUNDSERVICE menu or not. Just follow these instructions.




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