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Lucca scneery MSFS


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I had hoped that the new version of the sim (MSFS) would resolve my issues but sadly the sim now locks up when i try to load LIQL.


I apologise if this is a known issue but as far as I can see the other threads on this were closed, with ASOBO saying the CTD issue had been resolved.


True, no  CTD, but now the sim just won't load LIQL when I select it for a flight.


Thanks for any pointers.


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  • Developer

Did you clear your rolling cache in the sim first?

And check by disable under DATA the Bing Photoreal scenery, if the CTD still happens.

We see that the issue with the CTD by starting at an Airport is not happen after the updated, but it is to early to know, if there are still conditions existing after the updated, that keep this bug alife.

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Thanks for the pointers, I will have a look at those. To be clear, I'm no longer getting a CTD, simply to a point where once the flight is selected the sim appears to lock up before getting to the airport.


Sorry to ask but is it possible to get a refund or a voucher to use on a different product?


(I've been simming for a long time  - FS5 - and never had to consider this before.)



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OK - had time to try out your suggestions and this time the scenery works fine.


So it appears we still need to wait for MS/ASOBO to resolve the issue at their end?


Thanks again for the help.



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