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MSFS incomplete file structure after download following numerous unsuccessful DVD installation attempts

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I installed MSFS this week-end. Because my DVD did not allow a full install for unknown reasons (it would get stuck on different DVD each five install attempts), I had to download MSFS thanks to the redeem card included in the package.


As a result of this my MSFS install is limited to the following files on my new dedicated SSD, E: Simulateur MSFS > Official > One Store > data3.cab (the disk 1). At first I thought that some files were hidden, but I could not find any "hidden" files anywhere. Where are the 126 GB of files downloaded (Premium version) - they are indeed using that space on the SSD -and why is the file structure not shown?


MSFS works fine and I don't have any problem at all with it, however now that I would like to install some add-ons, where do I point my new products installers since I don't have the "normal" MSFS file structure (see above), I would appreciate any help regarding this matter.


Many thanks.

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