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Massive FPS drop on A330 while not focused

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Recently, I noticed a problem with A330 Professional. During the long-haul flights there are many more things to do outside of the simulator. E. g. during remote university times I fly longhauls and when on cruise take part in lectures or so. The problem is that while focused on the P3D v5 window the plane on cruise have stable 40-50, sometimes even 60 FPS. But, when I move outside of the simulator window, after some time there would be a massive FPS drops. Plane on cruise drops to 8-10 FPS for few second, then get back to 40-50 for few, then again 8-10 FPS etc. Even when flying over Atantic (not many objects to load).


My PC is:
Intel Core i5-9600KF
16 GB RAM (3200Mhz)


Many thanks in advance for all soultions.

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So I have this issue, or at least a similar one.  Are you guess using V5 with EA on by any chance? 


I have the issue where the aircraft frames / proformance are fine on take off and upto about 4 hours in the flight then suddenly the frames will plummet as you mentioned above. 


The way to get around it is to either turn EA off.   On In flight or at Top of descent turn of EA by the menu and then turn it back on. 


Ive given up on aerosoft products now. I've not bought any more as the support is horrendous. 


This topic is over a month old.  It speaks volumes. 


Try my trick of turning EA off and On, see what happens. 

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