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A330 Clean Install Question


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I am getting ready to do a clean install of the A330 Pro.  Per your Uninstall/Reinstall Procedures, I am to redownload the installer from where I purchased the aircraft.  I purchased the Aircraft from Aerosoft, however, it is still showing Version: (P3DV4) in my download list.  Isn't the newest stable version and the hot fix?  Should I wait until the download file is updated to and then do the re-install?  


For my A318-A321 Pro aircraft, I puchased them through the FSPS store.  Do I need to wait until they get the latest update from you before downloading as well? Again, this is iin regards to a clean install.




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

When you install the A330, it also installs the ASUpdater. Run the ASUpdater after the installation of the A330 and rebboting your PC. Turn on experimental updates via the Configuration button, turn on "Experimental" updates and it will show you the available updates which can be installed via the ASUpdater.

Same applies to the A§1x-A32x. You have to install them again to make them visible for the ASUpdater.

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