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Editing Wing View Sounds

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I know making edits to the aircraft CFG is not officially supported but I'm still going to ask: Is there a way to edit the Aircraft CFG of the A330 so that I at least get the cockpit sounds when using one of the wing views from the viewbar? I understand that this addon is geared towards being in the flightdeck only and it is not in the same price point as some other big name aircraft developers. But it is nice sometimes to have a look from different views and I'd prefer to at least have the flightdeck soundset be present when doing so instead of the external sounds.


Is this possible with simple CFG tweaks or would this be a major edit?


Thanks for any responses.

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But I want the internal sounds to be used for both internal and when using wing views. If I change the external sounds to viewpoint=1 won't that mean the external sounds will play when inside the flightdeck?

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