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EE Lightning Early Round Gauge VC

Mississippi Thunder

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On 1/30/2021 at 3:16 AM, Mississippi Thunder said:

I thought I read on one of the forums here that there was contemplation on doing the early style VC with no tape type ASI for the EE Lightning which we could then plug into any F.2 or earlier aircraft. Is this really a thing or did I imagine it?


  You are not imagining things, I have the Lightning  2A on the drawing board here . Just need the to find the time to finalise it .

  My intention is to  include it with an uprated F3 .


 Dave R

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Hi all

  Well it's taken a while , but the all new model of the EE Lightning F2A is now ready at last .

It has been included with the F6 model download so existing owners of the F6 can just redownload their purchase to get it.

 Time to dust off the bone dome, happy flying.

 Dave R






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