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How to disable/uninstall a Honeycomb Bravo Profile?

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Hello to all:
I finally picked up my Honeycomb Bravo a couple of days ago.
I have been slowly trying to assign axes and buttons to the various aircraft in the simulators I have.

In P3D v5.1, trying to upload the PMDG profile and activate via the Aerosoft Configurator, just brought me a lot of problems.

I wanted to deactivate the PMDG Profiles, but I was not able to find or understand how to do that. So, I deleted the PMDG profiles in the BIN folder of Honeycomb, leaving only the default Bravo and Alpha profiles.

Notwithstanding that, when I start P3D and/or when I change/load an aircraft (PMDG or not) I get an on screen message telling me that the PMDG NGXu profile has been uploaded.

I don't understand where that is coming from, as I have deleted the profile.

Can anybody provide me with some advice as to what might be happening and why I can't fully deactivate the profiles or uninstall the Configurator?

Thank you in advance!


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