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Thoughts about ultra wide screen

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Hello flight simmers,


I might need a bit of your advice on a possible purchase of a new monitor. At the moment, I've got an ASUS VS247 24'' as my main monitor. A year ago, I got a smaller Hanns-G.... whatever for free and have been using it as a second monitor. Although a second monitor in general was a huge improvement over a single one, but the 2nd monitor is really old and not very good. The direct comparison always reminds me how of much better the colors on the ASUS are.

I got the ASUS a few years ago, I've actually bought 2 then: One bigger (I guess it was 25'', I can't remember exactly), but I decided for the smaller ASUS and took the other one back to the shop, because the ASUS was so much better concerning the colors and, above all, the quality of the image when viewed from different angles. What's more, the ASUS has nearly zero glow, whereas the other one is glowing like a sunrise^^


So, with the increased time spent in front of the screen for home office - plus the still amazing views in P3d v4 - took me to the decision to kick off the smaller no name monitor, use the current ASUS as the second monitor instead, and go for a new one as the main monitor. And the big question is, which one.


On the one hand, I've always been happy with my ASUS, but if I go for a new one anyway, I could maybe need something bigger. However, I don't want to lose too much quality just in favour of the size, nor do I want to spend 500€++ for it.

These are the 4 options, which I'm uncertain about yet:

- Buy another ASUS, very similar to the current one, just bigger (probably the cheapest option and a relatively reliable one)

- Buy a curved one with similar capacities than the current one, maybe a bit bigger

- Buy an ultra wide one (straight)

- Buy a curved ultra-wide one, such as the Xiaomi Mi 34'' Gaming monitor (probably the most expensive option)


Does anyone of you have any good suggestions what is worth buying in that situation from his own experiences switching to a new monitor. For example:

How much better does a curved monitor make FS experience?

And how much better does an ultra wide screen compared to a 16:9

Also important: Does anyone of you have comparisons, how much performance in P3d v4 is lost by the additional pixels it has to deliver at an ultra wide screen?


Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, I can't go to any shop to watch several monitors "live".


My CPU (i7 9700k @4.4 Ghz) does fine and stays cool. But my GeForce 2060 Super is working pretty hard. Visually, it does a very good job, but it's getting 70°C+ frequently and the fans are howling pretty often, especially in clouds.


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,


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9 hours ago, BudSpencer said:

And how much better does an ultra wide screen compared to a 16:9


I'd question whether it will be better at all, once the novelty factor wears off. 16:9 is a much better ratio, at 4K if your PC will cope.

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Hi BudSpencer, 


What I would recommend you is to buy straight up a Ultra Wide Screen. Here is my opinion and reasons of my statement: 


Ultra Wide Screens are the newest ones on the market, they might be a little bit expensive when compared to other monitors that you would normally connect to your PC. A Wide Screen Monitor will definitely give you a better resolution and therfore it will display better graphics for games or simulators. It will also provide you with more image and colour depth. the latest ultra-wide monitors offer a wide gamut of colors and precision in reproduction, something very useful in many applications. The users of graphic applications, for example, can rely on the precise reproduction of colors on the screen since ultra-wide monitors offer a perfect color representation, just like in real life.


The viewing angles that Ultra Wide Screens provide is huge. Thanks to their shape, you will be able to look at the same resolution quality in every single spot of the screen which will ensure you a better experience. 


I would highy recommend you to buy the Ultra wide screen straight up because you will be up to date with technology, as it is quite new, you will be able to have it for a couple of years without the need of an upgrade (time which you can save money to buy a monitor in the future). 

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Let me take it one step further. I have a super ultra wide 49 inch monitor, 5120x1440 and 32:9 aspect ratio. It's like having two 27 inch monitors side by side. It's truly one of the best gadgets I have ever bought for both work productivity and flight sim. I will never go back to anything smaller. 

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