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Import taxes


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Hi guys,

Not sure if you will be able to answer this or if it will have to be through customer services.Hopefully as management you should have some ideas.

I have recently placed an order for the honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant placed after the UK left the EU.

Since i purchased these items that you requested payment up front, there have been a lot of horror stories regarding import duties and VAT to the UK. To the point that some people have been quoting that they are paying almost the same again in VAT and import duties. 


This as you may imagine is very disconcerting having already paid for something. Therefore could you please tell me how much, if anything that i may have to pay for this hardware that i have purchased.

The delivery note says due in the spring, so i would like to know well before if i will be due more and what my options will be.

Many thanks



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I’m in a similar position with the same concerns. I’d like to order the Honeycomb throttle quadrant but want to know the situation regarding VAT and import duties before I do. I hope you’ll be able to help.



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Not management, but from the reading done (As I am in the same situation), you pay the 20% VAT + 2.5% Import Duty based on the value of goods (not including shipping.


So, you would pay;


210.08 (Yoke) + 210.08 (Throttle) = 420.16

420.16 + (420.16*0.20) + (420.16*0.025) = 514.70 euros


Which, at current market rates, is 458 GBP in total. So, taking away the 420.16eur/374 GBP price of the items, leaves you a nice 84GBP in taxes & import duty. If Aerosoft charged VAT at the time of purchase, the number is just 0.025*374GBP, or 9.35GBP. Halve those prices if you only ordered the yoke, or only the throttle.


Of course if someone from Aerosoft can confirm if those numbers are accurate as I am not in the business of import/export, this is just how I understand it.

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vor 13 Stunden , [WJTK] Gabriel sagte:

you pay the 20% VAT + 2.5% Import Duty

According to the information we received this is correct.

You don´t have to pay the local VAT during the checkout, but as soon as the package is in the UK you have to pay 20% VAT + 2,5% import duty.




Aerosoft GmbH

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