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Balearic Islands professional - Mallorca

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I'm considering to buy Balearic Islands professional - Mallorca, because from the screenshots, I prefer the Sim-wings look and feel compared to the ones of other developers.


However I'm confused because the product page says 'Current version: (P3D V5)' but the screenshots say 'version 1.00'


As I understand the initial release of the scenery was 2018. When was released version:



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The Verion is used for the P3D V5 Version, which was released last year, when V5 was available.

It is nearly the same as the Scenery as for V4.4/4.5, which have the Version 1.xxx, but is special adapt for the needs of V5.

To keep the Installer Versions with clear Numbers, we use 1.xxx for V4 and v2.xxx  for V5 Versions

In the visual parts, both have the same 3D content, look and feel.


Both Installer version are available in the shop downloads after you buy it.

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