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Hey Guys, 


I've recently gotten back into flying the A330 and have really been enjoying it. One simple thing that's been on my mind is that the internal sounds during cruise are just slightly off to a true cruise sound environment. As the airplane starts accelerating to a higher IAS after 10000ft, the rumble of the engines starts gradually drowning out as the wind sounds pick up. By the time cruising altitude has been reached, the engines' sound is almost a 100% inaudible - however, in the AS330, you can constantly hear the whine of the engines at cruise power, even if wind sounds are incorporated and gradually start becoming louder as the airplane climbs. This is a feature many new addons being released today are incorporating. As someone who flies pretty frequently IRL, I personally believe an overhauled engine/wind environment with improved mixing dependent on altitude and airspeed would increase the immersion/accuracy by a lot. I am aware that the sounds have been done by TSS, but a change like this will bring this addon up to par with some of the best in the market right now - especially in terms of audio immersion. I hope this is something that can be looked at for a future update!

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