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ENGM Double gates

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I know this has been discussed earlier but no answer is given. And the threads that have answers concern older versions of ENGM.


I have a new installation of P3D5. I have installed SODE (latest version), SODE  VDGS and GSX.

I also have installed AS MEGA Oslo


I have double jetwas on several stands.


I have tried to uninstall and reinstall AS-Oslo but no success.

I have tried to turn on and off and on VDGS in ENGM Config tool. No success.


I attache my SODE-log and and screen capture to show.


Any solution to this?







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I installed ORBX Norway again.

I also changed the insertion point further down to be sure.

Also activated Norway in config for the Airport.


I can now happily inform that it is working as expected



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