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MCDU 3 Error After Windows Update

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Hello, how are you? I want to raise a problem at MCDU3.

I use Aerosoft Professional A320, a few days ago Windows 10 asked for an update, then I made an update as requested by Windows.

The problem arises when I set the Load / Fuel, Doors and others on the MCDU3.
MCDU does not appear when clicking the button above MCDU Left / Right, even via Shift + 4 does not appear. Really difficult.

Then as usual I tried to remove and reinstall according to the SOP (Turn off antivirus, reboot, and update), but the results are still the same.

I tried to remove Prepare3D.CFG, it worked but only once. It's a hassle if every time you want to fly you have to remove the Prepare3D.CFG

Can any help for a solution to the problem.

Thank you................

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Hello. Not sure this helps you but I downloaded the same Windows update with no problems Flew the A320 and MCDU pops up as normal . You may get more help if you post in the P3D forum choosing the A320 64 bit section.

Hope you solve the problem. Best Wishes

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