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VNAV function

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Unfortunately, we don't have a manual for this function yet. It's a basic kind of VNAV mode which is able to control the pitch to stick to the calculated path. It doesn't automatically follow the whole VNAV profile. I know only one pilot whose airline even has the VNAV system in their aircraft and they are only allowed to use it during descent but not in climb. Basically, you click VNAV before you reach the Top of Descent and turn the selected altitude down (to whereever you want or ATC tells you to)  and then the aircraft will start its descent at the ToD.

There are three modes during descent:

- VNAV PATH keeps to the profile path

- VNAV PITCH holds the pitch until the profile path is intercepted and then switches to PATH

- VNAV VS holds the VS until the profile path is intercepted and then switches to PATH

During final approach you can use VGP by clicking the APPR button (with VNAV enabled). It will follow the glidepath to about 200ft, after that you have to take over. VNAV doesn't mean there's any CAT III ability.


I hope that helps a bit.

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Thanks Hans

That's what I wanted to know. I see this feature is available in the CRJ1000, according to flightdeck photos I have seen.


Using this feature makes the plane an absolute pleasure to fly. I am REALLY enjoying flying this plane now. Thanks for all your effort in putting it together.




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