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Configuring Bravo Quadrant 7 switches

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Hello, and thanks for all the information posted here . . . it's been very useful!

Now I would like to setup the 7 pack of switches for turning on and off FD, landing and runway lights etc, but can't seem to work it out.

Could someone show me one example of how to do it, and then I can  attempt the others?




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Hello Peter,



Start the HC Configurator, Load the Bravo Throttle.

1. Then click for example on the most left switch (from your picture).

Then you get a window with two possibilities:




2. For example click on "TOGGLE 1 ON".


Then you get the window with the Profile Editor on the right.


Here configure for example the Landing Lights on like this:

The command for the landing light on is : "sim/lights/landing_lights_on"


3. Click Press Event and then on Variables (the + sign for a new variable).

4. In the field "Variable" enter the above namend command (sim/lights/landing_lights_on).

5. Then click on Apply Changes.


So you can do it for other lights or commands.


The commands available you find here:


(there I have searched for lights commands).


Greets Heinz



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Heinz, that worked beautifully!! I now have the landing and taxi lights mapped. Would you know what the command is for the Runway Turnoff lights on the Zibo mod 737?


Thanks again!

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