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EDDB | Blurry vehicles

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All the vehicles driving around EDDB (ambulance, fuel trucks, busses etc.) have extremely blurry / lowres textures.
Everything else looks pretty okay. 


Is there something I can do? 





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gerade, OPabst sagte:

Which Simulator, which EDDB Version? A minimum of Infos you should give us.

You are of course right, I didn‘t switch on my brain :)

P3D v5.1 HF1, latest EDDB (up to date through the ASUpdater). Sode is installed.

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  • Developer

Ok, unzip the attached file into the ..\Berlin Brandenburg Professional V5\scenery Folder and replace the existing file.

This should fix the issue at some of the vehicles.

But keep in mind, that the resolution of the vehicle textures are not ultra HD to keep Memory use low.


EDDB VehicleBlurryfix.zip

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Thank you for the fix Oliver! I noticed that "Dynamic Texture Streaming" affects the textures of the animated vehicles, as I am seeing the same at EDDF. Unchecking Dynamic Texture Streaming resolved it for me but it does, as far as I know, require a more beefy VRAM GPU.

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I can confirm that turning off Dynamic Texture Streaming solves this without using the patch. I'd like to keep it on though, so I'll try the Blurryfix. Thanks!



After applying the patch, the textures are still blurry. It's not a big deal tbh, I don't want to make this more than it is...
But FYI, wiht Dynamic Texture Streaming on, some vehicles are blurred.

Here is a comparison, DTS ON (top) and OFF (below). Your patch applied. But maybe it's suppose to be just this way with DTS...



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