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Happy New Year,


maybe I'm stupid but where to update to the latest version? I can only find the full installer and remember on previous versions that there always was an update file/installer. Don't want to use the full one as it maybe will delete all data as we had on a previous version.

Could someone point me to the right way please?

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There is only a full installer available.



De-activate the license in the configuration/general tab, PFPX will close.


Backup your entire C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data folder.


Uninstall PFPX via the Programs link.


Download and install PFPX v2.04 from FlightsimSoft


Run PFPX and activate the license.


Either copy your data back to the PFPX Data folder or alternatively delete the newly created PFPX Data folder and restore your original.

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