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Upper Wind Forecast not available

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8 minutes ago, Rami Abulhassan said:

ok But I always use Active Sky XP or isn't not working anymore on third party.



It will still work as it did before, just with 2.04 you are reminded that the upper wind forecast over time is not available. The only source for this within PFPX is the online weather option.


Personally I use PFPX online weather for planning and ActiveSky in-flight.

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Greetings Everyone,

Is there a fix for this issue to date?

I updated and sadly I am now seeing this error and became a +1.

I will attempt to revert back to 2.03 until a suitable resolve is made to the very necessary and important tool that is PFPX.

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Well I renew my subscriptions PFPX and now I am using online weather so it seems like is working and I am not seeing upper wind forecast.
But using ActiveSky in PFPX it shows upper wind forecast but is very interesting. Hope soon later it will come soon with the best update. 
Well I am off here time for me to fly. I no longer need V2.03 anymore.

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4 hours ago, Daniel Baker said:

Still no fix for this issue?

Yeah and it's very annoying, instead of redirecting you to OFP it first goes to messages, please fix this guys, thanks very much.

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