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INOP Exterior Lights After Update (Taxi, Beacon & Nav)


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If I could delete this post I would. The A318/A319 update seems to be working with regard to the exterior lighting issue.  Sorry.


Hello, All:


I installed the latest version of the A318/A319 Pro ( via the AS Updater. During pushback and start up I noticed the BEACON light is no longer illuminated with the switch activated. Cycled it several times with no success. The same issue seems to be present with the taxi light switches and navigation lights. I turned on all of the exterior lights and checked different times of the day (dawn, daylight, dusk, night) to verify whether or not the beacon, taxi, and navigation lights are illuminated. Nothing. The other lights such as Tail/Logo & wing seem to be OK.


Has anyone else noticed this or is experiencing the same issue?


I haven't updated the A320/A321 Pro due to the issue I am seeing on the A318/A319 update and do not plan to update the A330 either at this point.


Any insight or suggestions on how to correct this issue would be appreciated.

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