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I just bought Cologne-Bonn EDDK for MSFS and it installed OK. Yet every time I run the updater I got an error. I attach the relevant files for your appreciation. 

I believe the  product xml is correct and therefore I have no idea what is wrong.

I do also own for  P3D4,  EDDK, CRJ, Frankfurt , Madrid Oslo and also Paderborn-Lippstadt for MSFS. 


Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!

Edmundo Azevedo

ASUpdater_App_Log.txt as_airport-eddk-cologne-bonn.xml

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  • ega changed the title to ASUpdater

I fixed this issue - it seems that the installer named incorrectly the xml file (as_airport-eddk-cologne-bonn.xml instead of as_airport-eddk-cologne-bonn_msfs.xml). I made sure the correct name is called in the xml file. Works fine now.




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