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A321 ToLiss Updated to version 1.20

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new update available for the ToLiss A321.

Customers can download the new fullversion via their Aerosoft shop account (instant downloads).


ToLiss - Airbus A321 for XPlane 11


New version: 1.20 (Build 1290)

New file name: TOLISS_AIRBUS-321_V120_AS.zip



Changes from build 1254 (V1.1) to build 1290 (V1.2)

- Major new features: Support for the NEO package addon featuring the PW1100G engine and the LEAP 1A engine, including 3 new fuselage exit configurations, A321 LR and XLR fuel tank configurations, A321LR and XLR weight envelopes, accurate fuel burn and climb performance, custom TSS sounds etc.

- Option to use imperial units for FMGS, weights and cabin temperatures

- Complete rework of engine failure handling: ECAM actions and speed target rework, beta target added


Minor new features:

- Improved lateral control laws for better handling during engine failures

- Added injected faults to the situation save.

- Complete rework for the managed speed computation for a given CI during the climb phase

- Retuning of the fuel burn for the existing engine types (IAE + CFM)

- Rework of the EWD for better accuracy of the representation

- Livery specific configuration items can now be done via a livery configuration file

- Added support for approaches with MA route points between the MAP and the runway, like e.g. LOWI RNP-Y for Rwy 08


Bug fixes:

- Fixed issue with disappearing LOC indication when flying the LOC backcourse

- Fixed issues with Minimum callouts when they did not coincide with Radio altitude callouts

- Fixed issue with inconsistent runway naming between procedures and scenery

- Improved smart copilot synchronization of the MCDUs

- Fixed a bug leading to x-plane freeze when changing runway after a go around (under certain conditions)

- Hydraulic brake accumulator pressure does not change anymore when changing from yellow supply to accumulator supply without changing amount of braking

- Fixed an issue with alternate flight plan loading if alternate plan is in "fms" format.

- Cabin chime queue is fixed so that no chimes are lost anymore.

- Corrected the logic for AC power supply to the system 1 fuel pumps. Direct supply from GEN1 now depends on the GEN 1 LINE switch as it should.

- Corrected vertical guidance for LOWI RNP RWY08 approaches. (You have to make sure to be at flaps 2 when crossing WI750/WI810, the subsequent 3.77deg slope cannot be flown clean without accelerating)

- ILS tracking retuning in LOC and G/S

- BSCU failures now actually do something.

- Limited alternate braking pressure to 1000psi

- Fixes to the VOR cone of confusion model - you do not lose DME or identifier anymore

- Improvements to ILS auto tuning

- Standby DDRMI now uses the same datasource as the VOR/ADF needles on the ND.

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