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FSUIPC Buttons not saved?


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I have programmed some key commands within FSUIPC to be triggered when pushing one of my Joystick buttons. For example "shift+z" to show the FPS.

However this works only until the next launch of P3D.


I have 3 different config sets in Simstarter. Are they using their own specific FSUIPC profiles? Or what could be the reason, the settings are always lost?







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Hi Michael,


the "normal" FSUIPC Config that can be done within the "Simulator ConfigSet" does only alter existing values (or add them).

The only way taking an exising FSUIPC.ini and overwrite them is, if you've configured an external file in "Extended" tab.




If that's not the case and you are not using a copy/rename e.g. in a RunConfigSet SIMstarter should not change the FSUIPC.ini file by itself.

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