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A318/9/20 Cabin windows cartoonish?

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Hi all,


Brand new to the A320 professional bundle, when the sun hits the windows sometimes I can't help but feel they look very cartoonish.

Sort of reminds me of Airline Tycoon!


Is this normal? Something I need to adjust in the P3D V4 settings or with the Airbus itself?




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Hi @Mathijs Kok ,


Thanks for your reply and apologies for the delay.

I've narrowed it down to just affecting the A318 & A319.


The A320 & A321 seem to work absolutely fine.


It's also not livery specific, all default repaints have this issue and so do ones downloaded.

I've attached two photos in the exact same position (same sunlight), one of the A319 Volotea and one of the A320 Atlantic Airways.


Many thanks,




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