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Make sure steam is running before starting X-Plane, then the extension should be activated automatically. If that does not work try the following:

  • In Steam go to your X-Plane DLC manager, then uncheck and uninstall the AirportVehicles extension, then shutdown Steam (end program)
  • Now go to "X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SAM/lib" and make sure there is no folder "SAM_AirportVehicles" - if there is still one left, delete it manually
  • Now start steam again and reinstall the extension with the X-Plane DLC manager, keep Steam running and launch X-Plane (do NOT update anything in SAM Suite)
  • Check in X-Plane if the extension is activated now, then restart X-Plane once for the new vehicles to be visible

If you got the extension activated this way try updating the AirportVehicles using SAM Suite, this should work now without resetting the activation.





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That's most likely a Steam issue as the installation is handled by Steam in this case. Maybe it works after uninstalling SAM completely and then install only the AirportVehicles extension via Steam (which will install the base plugin too).

  • Once again uninstall AirportVehicles with Steam so Steam says it's not installed (and shutdown Steam afterwards)
  • Then move the whole folder SAM from plugins to your desktop so there is no SAM folder in plugins (this way you have a backup, if you don't need one just delete the folder)
  • Now try again installing the extension via Steam.

If this works start X-Plane and make sure the extension is activated this time. If it's activated use SAM Suite to update the plugin to the latest version.





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You also own the world jetways and this should also be uninstalled. Please uncheck both addons, wait until both are confirmed as not installed, then restart Steam and try again installing the extensions one by one.







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Then try again. The activation has to be performed by Steam so you have to do a fresh SAM installation, forcing Steam to activate again. This means you have to uninstall both extensions (world jetway and airport vehicles), then remove SAM and then install again through Steam.



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