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It is my second flight since I have updated P3Dv5.1 to HF1. When following a flightplan using FMS1, the CRS to the current waypoint is written on the PFD next to the waypoint name. On the ND however, the CRS is either 000 or (sometimes) an arbitrary number with 9 digits. I do not know if this came with HF1. As soon as I switch to Loc1, CRS indication is correct. I am on the current CRJ version


Sorry for the bad resolution of the screenshot.





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That is not what I mean, Wolfgang. If you want to check, hit the AFD MENU key on the CDU and set TERM WPTS to off. If I do so, the CRS indication for the same waypoint on PFD and MFD is different. On the MFD, I get 000 or a nine digit string (as depicted below for BELDU).




BTW: a fresh install did not change anything.




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Ok, now I see what you mean.

Yes, this is a bug. 

I searched my screenshots and found that since I updated to the V5 version in June, the display is not correct anymore.
Usually I have the other mode active, so I didn't even notice this error.


But since Hans is very busy with the version for MSFS2020, it will probably take some time until this is fixed.


02.12.2019, is ok



10.06.2020, faulty, V5.0



10.06.2020, faulty but different display, V5.0



23.11.2020, still faulty , V5.1 HF1





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