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MA Oslo V2 P3dv5


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May be i´am too stupid or blind but i can´t find in the manual an advice related to the runway lights. I have the same issue with ENGM. May someone could head my nose to the settings which needs to be what?


Oh, and Merry Christmas to all who read this and to the whole Aerosoftlers and all the Developers.

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On 27.12.2020 at 03:13, Herman sagte:

Check the section on "Notam Tool." Using the Config Tool, click on CLOSE ALL NOTAMS, then see if this helped.


If not, please advise on whether you're using any shader tools.

Hi Herman, thank you for your quick reply. I´ve did what you mentioned and closed all notams, but still no RW lights. Indeed i´am using TOGA EnvShade and EnvTex. Do you have further informations, if there´s an interference? Oh, sorry, i ´ve forgot some informations about my system.


- P3D V5.1 HF2

- AktiveSky+ASCA

- EnvShade+EnvTex

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vor 18 Stunden , masterhawk sagte:

Which version of Oslo are you running?

Which Version of SODE are you running?

Please, can you attach the SODE.log?

Hi Bob,

i have Oslo 2.0 -P3dv5 Version, SODE  version1.7.1 and attached you´ll find my Sode.log

I appreciate your help.





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On 29.12.2020 at 23:15, masterhawk sagte:

ENGM does look good in SODE. Just for info, there are some errors in other scenery sode xml files.

Happy new year Bob,

yes, i´ve seen this and it´s the known SODE issue of MA Geneva. I have done the mentioned workarround yesterday and it fixed it. Now Sode Jetways working properly even at LSGG. 

But on the other hand, that doesn´t fix my issue with the missing Runway lights of ENGM. Any Idea?

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Ha! Got it!

No, i didn´t try to reinstall, but i have run the config tool once again and de-activated "Sode-Animations", closed and start config again and activated Sode animations again. Now the runway lights iluminated again. Nevertheless it´s embarrassing that a solution is so easy lying direct in front of your eyes, i let you know, in case someone else struggles from this.

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