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Ibiza PBR texture?

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Hi Aerosoft/Sim-wings,


I am very interested in purchasing Ibiza, but if I look at the screenshots it seems that PBR is not used in the scenery. Is that correct? Are you considering to add this in a future update? Also some static aircraft would be very nice!



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All MSFS addons use PBR materials as this is the only material provided by the MSFS SDK.
We use Albedo (Diffuse), Emissive(Nightmap) and, when needed and beneficil also additional compound (metal and roughness) and normal (bump map) textures.
Maybe you´ll have a second look at the screenshots.

No static aircrafts planned.

The runway is sloped according to the profile of the official AENA charts (In fact in Ibiza it is just about 1.4 m height difference in the middle. So it not really
a mogul piste.

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